Phan Thế Hưng, M.A. in Applied Linguistics & Ph.D. in Linguistics 

Faculty of Foreign Languages, Van Lang University


To develop English programs, adminissters, language experts, and teachers are supposed to refer to the objectives of English teaching and learning in Vietnam, especially the need analysis of the society, the workforce as well as the learners. Today teaching and learning in class or on line also focus more on the application of digital technology, the Internet and its components in order to form suitable skills in the 21st century for both teachers and students. In other words, teachers of English are requested to update not only traditional teaching materials, but also find the appropriate strategies and methods to promote the way of teaching and learning in class and via the digital communication. The article spots these ideas with the hope that teachers can reflect their language teaching and find out some applicable methods and procedures so that both teachers and learners can be on the right track to the immediate objectives of teaching and learning English in Vietnam. 



1. Mục tiêu của chương trình giảng dạy tiếng Anh
2. Yêu cầu của xã hội
3. Khuynh hướng giảng dạy trong thế kỷ 21

3.1. Chuyển giao bằng kỹ thuật số (Digital delivery):

3.2. Thiết lập động lực qua sở thích (Interest-driven):

3.3. Kỹ năng thế kỷ 21 (21st Century Skills ):

3.4. Ba xu hướng cơ bản

4. Giảng dạy ngoại ngữ kết hợp kỹ năng thế kỹ 21

5. Phương pháp giảng dạy ứng dụng tại Việt Nam

6. Kết luận 



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