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ThS. Phạm Gia Đoàn

Khoa Ngoại Ngữ - Đại học Văn Lang


Translation and Interpretation are the ultimate jobs for people who love language. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings about these two fields, including the difference between them and what kind of skills and education they require.

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TS. Frank Gerke


In this paper the author describes the process of translation taking the translations of poems of the Ly Tran time as an example. This is a procedure which consists of several operations that penetrate each other and are regarded as basis of the intellectual knowledge and skill of the translator. In the beginning the translator has to prepare the necessary means of translation such as dictionaries, material about the history as well as the literature of the Ly Tran time.The translator should familiarize himself with the historical charactersitics of that time as well as he should read materials about the poets he is about to translate and the background of their poems respectively. Next the translator shall analyze the poems literarily. Duren the process of translation the translator will face problems, such as words or ideas that are hard to understand and therefore not easy to translate. It is the translator’s task to find ways to overcome these problems in order that in the end the reader will have at least a relatively perfect translation. 

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