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Khoa Ngoại Ngữ - Đại học Văn Lang


Translation and Interpretation are the ultimate jobs for people who love language. However, there are a lot of misunderstandings about these two fields, including the difference between them and what kind of skills and education they require.


  • Introduction
  • The followings are the vital tasks that one interpreter must perform in his or her capacity.
  • There are three types of jobs that are connecting to this field: (1,2 Ref.)
    1. Sight
    2. Consecutive interpreter
    3. Field interpreter
  • What are the benefits the students may receive if they try to major interpretation?
  • The importance of becoming an interpreter
  • There are some special features should be possessed by the interpreter.
  • Modern equipment to be used in our career
  • Who can be a good interpreter?
  • The reality of van lang university nowadays
  • Syllabus to be used



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